Rare or Endangered Butterflies

Florida Leafwing Anaea floridalis Hitching a ride in Long Pine Key, Everglades National Park Photo by David L Lysinger

The following butterflies of southeast Florida and the Florida Keys are considered to be rare, imperiled, on the decline, likely to be extirpated, or recently determined to be extinct – a classification offered by Marc C. Minno, Ph.D. who has closely studied this area’s butterflies over many years. Most of the species on Dr. Minno’s list are found, as well, on the Florida Natural Areas Inventory’s listing of imperiled species (www.FNAI.org).

This list represents approximately one-third of southeast Florida’s butterfly species.

It is sobering to understand that extinction and extirpation are in progress “under our very eyes” as we watch.

Rare or Endangered Butterflies

Schaus’ Swallowtail (imperiled)
Heraclides aristodemus ponceanus

Bahamian Swallowtail (likely to be extirpated)
Heraclides andraemon bonhotei

Spicebush Swallowtail (Fakahatchee population) (imperiled)
Pterourus Troilus fakahatcheensis

Florida White (imperiled)
Appias drusilla neumoegenii

Statira Sulphur (imperiled)
Aphrissa statira floridensis

Lyside Sulphur (rare)
Krycogonia lyside

Mimosa Yellow (rare)
Eurema nise

Dina Yellow (imperiled)
Eurema dina

Atala (imperiled)
Eumaeus atala florida

Amethyst Hairstreak (imperiled)
Chlorostrymon maesites
This species may reproduce in South Florida.
It is included because it is periodically observed in South Florida, however, but not necessarily annually.

Silver-banded Hairstreak (imperiled)
Chlorostrymon simeathis

Martial Scrub-Hairstreak (imperiled)
Strymon matialis

Bartram’s Scrub-Hairstreak (imperiled)
Strymon acis

Gray Ministreak (imperiled)
Ministrymon azia

Miami Blue (imperiled)
Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri

Acacia Blue (Nickerbean)
(likely to be extirpated)

Hemiargus ammon

Cuban Crescent (imperiled)
Phyciodes frisia

Mangrove Buckeye (declining)
Junonia evarete

Tropical Buckeye (imperiled)
Junonia genoveva

Malachite (imperiled)
Siproeta stelenes biplagiataFlorida Purplewing (imperiled)
Eunica tatila

Dingy Purplewing (imperiled)
Eunica monima

Ruddy Daggerwing (declining)
Marpesia petreus

Florida Leafwing (imperiled)
Anaea floridalis

Round-eyed Georgia Satyr (rare)
Neonympha halicta dadensis

Mangrove Skipper

Phocides pigmalion

Zestos Skipper
(recently determined extinct)

Epargyreus zestos

Hayhurst’s Scallopwing
(likely to be extirpated)

Staphylus hayhurstii

Florida Duskywing

Ephyriades brunneus floridensis

Zarucco Duskywing
(Keys population)
(likely to be extirpated)

Erynnis zarucco

Neamathla Skipper (declining)
Nastra neamathla

Baracoa Skipper (declining many areas of the state)
Polites Baracoa

Rockland Meske’s Skipper (Lower Keys) (recently determined extinct)
Hesperia meskei pinocayo

Aaron’s Skipper (rare)
Poanes aaroni howardi

Palmetto Skipper (Lower Keys) (rare)
Euphyes arpa

Palatka Skipper (Keys population) (imperiled)
Euphyes pilatka klotsi

Berry’s Skipper (rare)
Euphyes berryi

Obscure Skipper (declining)
Panoquina Panoquinoides